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Shelving Systems

Store your goods using the highest quality and most space efficient industrial shelving systems

Shelving Systems

Store your goods using the highest quality and most space efficient industrial shelving systems

An almost unlimited degree of configuration is possible with our modular shelving systems, from single-tier systems to multi-tier systems that reach to significant roof heights.

From simple home & garage shelf units to office display & storage shelving or warehouse stock shelving at single or multiple levels picked manually or with mechanical assistance, we have it all!

Benefits of Schaefer Shelving Systems:


  • Light, medium & heavy duty available
  • Closed & open bay are all available
  • Loads of up to 6,000 kg per shelving bay are possible with certain configurations
  • Bolt-free, prefabricated and modular systems allow for rapid assembly and dismantling
  • Shelving with up to 2.7 metres wide bays is possible with long span shelving
  • Side & back panels can be solid (which is especially suited to archive shelving), mesh or open
  • Second-hand shelving systems are available

Fixed vs. mobile shelving systems

With fixed systems, a service aisle is needed for each bank of shelves. This takes up valuable storage space. Whereas, with a mobile storage system (also known as a Compactor system), only one service aisle is needed. The shelving units are positioned on rails and the necessary aisle can be created simply by pushing units along the rails. This can lead to an 85% increase in storage capacity in single-tier systems, or a 100% increase in multi-tier systems.

Rail-free models are also available. In these models, the mobile bases run directly on the floor using a special gear. The benefit is a markedly reduced assembly time.

Mobile shelving is ideal for document storage in areas where space is limited or security is required.

Note: New and second-hand mobile shelving systems are available.

Our shelving system accessories include:

  • shelves and storage trays
  • side, centre and back panels (solid and mesh)
  • extendible shelves
  • bridging shelves
  • plinth rails
  • suspension rails
  • finishing panels
  • wing doors
  • end stops
  • dividers
  • roller bases (for live, first-in, first-out storage)
  • shim plates
  • bracing (for additional strength)
  • end caps
  • stairs (with multi-tier systems)
  • drawers
  • shelf containers
  • storage trays

Absolute Storage Systems also offers cantilever rackingpallet racking & other high quality storage products to improve the productivity and safety of your business.

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