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Double Deep Racking

Double deep pallet rack stores two pallets deep or four pallets deep in a double entry pallet rack.
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Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking is the best compromise between a selective and high-density pallet racking system.

By storing pallets two deep, higher storage density can be achieved, while operators are still able to access stock easily and relatively quickly.

Double Deep Pallet Racking is used in conjunction with special forklifts, often fitted with a pantograph mechanism specially designed to reach the second pallet location.

Benefits of Double Deep racking:

  • Double deep pallet rack reduces the aisle to rack ratio but also reduces pallet selectivity while increasing storage density.
  • Allows for pallets to be stored two-deep per aisle face
  • Requires a special double deep fork truck with pantograph or sliding fork attachments
  • 50% of stored pallets is immediately accessible on a FILO(first in last out) basis
  • Double deep pallet rack is best used when each SKU has several pallets
  • upper levels can be fitted with guide rails to assist forlift drivers in locating pallets & reduce operator error & accidental impact damage

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