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RotoLift Stretch Wrapper Pallet Elevator

The RotoLift Mobile Spring Pallet Elevator entails all the great qualities of the RotoLift Spring Elevator but with the convenience of being a self-contained movable unit.

The RotoLift Stretch Wrapper Pallet Elevator

The RotoLift Stretch Wrapper Pallet Elevator comes as semi-automatic complete unit. The wrapper is used in conjunction with the RotoLift Spring Pallet Elevator to allow a packed load to be wrapped straight away securely, quickly and efficiently without the need to be moved another station. This system requires minimal effort from personal using it, taking away safety risks of bending, moving, climbing and overreaching for products which are movements that lead to back strain and muscular injuries within the work force.

RotoLift Stretch Wrapper Pallet Elevator

The RotoLift Stretch Wrapper Pallet Elevator uses a dynamic and changeable spring system which keeps the tabletop to waist height. Incorporating all the great features of the RotoLift Spring Elevator Tables with the additional feature of a motor which spins the tabletop. The stretch wrapper attachment is a unique and simple unit that is available as single or twin mast unit. The masts holding the wrapping film can be lowered and raised by the controller on the mast. The unique versatility of these units is that the stretch wrapper mast assembly can be disconnected from the powered elevator table, enabling connection to multiple powered tables.

  • Masts can be used with multiple tables
  • Operation controls include speed control, raising and lowering and emergency stopping
  • Mast requires a power outlet to be plugged into
  • Tabletop placement is lockable
  • product can be wrapped at each packing station securing your product immediately prior to transporting the loaded pallet

The RotoLift Spring Pallet Elevator

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