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Melbourne Warehouse Storage Challenges and how you can avoid them

Here at Absolute Storage Melbourne, we are often faced with clients who have products and processes of varying size, weight and movability requirements. This essentially means that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to racking and warehouse storage.  Here are just a few tips we can offer when your considering how to best tackle your warehouse storage requirements:

warehouse storage melbourne

Work backwards: Start with your products & process

Your new warehouse space is a blank slate. Your goal is to transform it into a productive workspace that accomplishes your business & storage goals.

When you look at your warehouse storage it is always best to work from your product / process backwards to storage. This helps to best understand movability of your goods, the most efficient process from sale / pick & pack to transportation and logistics.

Plan Space for Warehouse Equipment

A business’s key warehouse units will vary based on the primary goals of the warehouse. Your key units might be equipment or workstations. Whatever they are, you need to identify and place these elements on your plan first.

For ecommerce companies, other activities that impact the overall warehouse floor plan include order packing and shipping as well as receiving stock. It’s important to provide ample space around your various warehouse work centers so that employees can perform their tasks effectively and so that any equipment used—from hand trucks to forklifts—can navigate the warehouse aisles easily.

Time & distance is money

Time is money and distance is time.

If you are at all familiar with lean supply chain practices, you will know that transport and motion are two of the seven wastes to be minimised or eliminated in a warehouse. A great deal of excess motion and transport are generated by poorly laid out pick faces, through which warehouse operatives must back-track and meander while assembling orders or truckloads.


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