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How to arrange warehouse storage for Melbourne ecommerce businesses

Ecommerce Warehouse Storage Solutions across Melbourne Warehousing and fulfilment are important stages of the order fulfilment process. Warehousing involves storing products for distribution, while fulfilment covers the picking, packing and shipping of goods to customers. During these tough COVID19 times we are seeing significant growth in the online ecommerce sector. This has been welcome success however...
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Pallet Racking accessories – The perfect solution to support warehouse safety and social distancing

Pallet Racking accessories – The perfect solution to support warehouse safety and social distancing Pallet Racking has been in use since the 1920’s and evolved from the invention of the first forklift in 1915, this allowed warehouses to build upward rather than outward. Pallet Racking Safety Accessories Our range of safety accessories, designed to complement...
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Melbourne Warehouse Storage Challenges and how you can avoid them

Here at Absolute Storage Melbourne, we are often faced with clients who have products and processes of varying size, weight and movability requirements. This essentially means that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to racking and warehouse storage.  Here are just a few tips we can offer when your considering...
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Absolute Storage and COVID19

Firstly we send well wishes to all our clients, customers, associates and industry in this current pandemic. We’ve all been struck in some shape or form with the Coronavirus (COVID19). Absolute Storage is operating at full strength and adhering to all Government Health recommendations. Part of our commitment to continuation throughout this season is increasing...
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The best types of Warehouse Storage for Melbourne in 2020

There are many types of storage solutions available to suit every application and industry across Melbourne, Victoria. Here in this article we’ll cover off a few types of Pallet Racking that delivers value for money, quality racking and efficiency to improve your warehouse operations. Pallet Racking Double Deep Pallet Racking Double Deep Pallet Racking is...
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How safe is your warehouse storage in 2020?

Safety: The First Priority When Working With Pallet Racking Systems. At AbsoluteStorage we don’t just supply and install innovative and high-quality Schaefer pallet racking systems, we also offer approved rack inspections carried out by our highly experienced rack inspectors to ensure that the installation continues to work to its fullest potential.   The Trade Off:...
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