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Load Safety Signs

Absolute Storage can provide a wide range of all Load Safety signage requirements.

Load Safety Signs

Safe Working Load Signs for Pallet Racking

Pallet racking load signs (SWL) are used to communicate the load capacity of the pallet racking system to ensure its safe operation and use.

Pallet racking installation with load signs

Why Do I need a Load Sign ?

Safe working load signs are mandatory as per the Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking AS4084. They are also a vital safety component of the racking.

The load sign should be displayed on each aisle of racking and be clearly visible to all users of the racking including manual handling equipment operators.

Load sign mounted on end frame showing its details
Image of load signs on racking goes here

What is the purpose of Load Signs ?

Load signs contain important information regarding the safe use of pallet racking and communicate the following:

  • Maximum allowable pallet weight (unit load)
  • Maximum weight per beam level (UDL)
  • Maximum total carrying capacity of the bay (bay load)

Load signs also describe some basic aspects about the racking structure, including:

  • Maximum distance from the base to the 1st beam level and the max distance between the 1st and 2nd beam levels
  • Racking manufacturers name
  • Racking suppliers name
  • Company responsible for the structural design of the racking
  • Installation date
  • Customers name

The Basics of Load Signs

Learning how to read these signs is simple and will help you maintain and fully utilise your pallet racking.

How to identify the maximum load per pair of beams. The term "UDL" in the image below means 'Uniformly Distributed Load'. The UDL measures the maximum load a pair of beams can handle without failing, assuming you distribute the load uniformly across them. For example in the image below, the pair of beams can handle 2000 kilograms of uniformly distributed load.

Maximum UDL per pair of beams

Next, look for clear identification of the maximum load per pallet. In the image below, the critical rated capacity of the two pallets is 1000 kilograms, which combined adds up to the maximum weight of the pair of beams. The total load of your pallets should not exceed the maximum load per pair of beams.

Maximum load per pallet

Your sign should reflect the number of pallets and the maximum load of each pallet.

One pallet & three pallets respectively would look as shown below:

1, 2 or 3 pallets per beam

The carrying capacity of the entire bay (area between the 2 frames containing pairs of beams and multiple pallets) is referred to as the total bay load.

This is usually shown at the bottom of the diagram and would look much like this:

Total bay load of pallet racking

Important Load Rating Signs for Picking Shelves or Live Storage

Load signs can also indicate pick levels or shelf levels and their load capacities. These must also be included in the total bay load.

Shelf loads may be shown as below:

Picking levels or shelf levels for pallet racking

Why are the details of beam levels and picking shelves important?

The load carrying capacity of the rack changes if you move the beam levels up or down. A quality racking provider can re-check the load capacities before you change the picking shelves or pallet levels and issue you with an updated load rating sign.

Here's an example of how your beam levels may display where they should be:

Pallet racking beam levels

A well considered safe working load sign (SWL) can provide a lot of information about the capacity, safety and scalability of your racking.

If you are unsure that your load signs are providing you with the correct ino about your racking or want to check if your load signs or pallet racking is compliant, get in touch with Absolute Storage Systems by calling 03 9799 2291 or email usand enquire about our pallet racking solutions or arange a racking audit.

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