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Warehouse Raised Storage Areas

Take advantage of the unused space in your Melbourne business with mezzanine floors

Raised storage areas let you utilise the available height of your building to substantially increase your floor space. Raised storage areas can be constructed from pallet racking, long span racking & Regal 3000 racking shelving or engineered steel structures which span greater distances & provide greater load bearing capacities. Timber, steel or open grate flooring materials are available; simply contact our team at Absolute Storage Systems to find out which solution will best suit your business.

Benefits of raised storage areas:

  • They are very easy to assemble and dismantle, enabling you to extend, move or relocate a raised storage area with little hassle
  • Raised storage areas provide an opportunity to create separate zones within the one storage area, such as one zone for warehousing and another for despatch, or one zone for slow-moving products and another for fast-moving products
  • Each installation can be customised to the size and shape of the available area, and to specific load-bearing requirements

Our raised storage area accessories include:

  • Fork-lift or conveyor access
  • Up & over gate transfer points
  • Self-closing wing doors
  • Stairs
  • Safety rails
  • Rail locks
  • Variety of floor decking
  • Kickboards
  • Lighting

Note that seismic-certified (that is, earthquake-resistant) installations can be arranged.

Note: Some local authorities may require planning permits.

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warehouse raised storage areas

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